Monday, November 8, 2010

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It was the one year anniversary of this market. You know I had to be there to get my free stuff party on. Since going to my first market in September I've never left empty handed. I never know what I would be going home with which makes it worth going every time. Free food was being offered yes I went back for seconds. I went home with some books, frame, fabrics, and a full stomach. One woman left with a new pet. I also made a stop at whole foods to pick up my beloved new favorite calamari salad. Come to find out they were having a vendor fair. Sorry, I don't have pics I was too busy sampling goodies. Some of the pics are a bit blurry it was a bright and sunny day.

                                                        Totally Free Lunch sign guy

                                                Which one of these books caught my eye


                                                            Starfruit naturally sweet and juicy

                                                  This was my spot all day everday LOL

                                                    This little guy found a new home.


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