Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Corn Syrup


Corn Syrup (aka high-fructose corn syrup): a sweet syrup obtained from cornstarch

That's the definition I got from my dictionary. I'm on the quest for healthy eating. I noticed this ingredient in just about every food product label. Even in the one's that are supposed to be healthy.When I go shopping I like to be in and out ASAP. Reading the labels is not on my agenda. Lately, it's been something I've been paying alot more attention to.

I was eating a sandwich (wheat bread) and noticed corn syrup on the label. Why does bread need to be sweetened? It's really hard not to find these ingredients as they are in just about everything. I'm no expert and I don't want to get into the politics of it all. But, these research/studies whatever they are called produces mixed results which confuses the eff out of me. Seems like what's good for you is bad and what's bad is good. The journey continues.... scratching my head. Has anyone been through this? What's so bad/good about corn syrup?


  1. One of the reasons corn syrup is in EVERYTHING is because corn is subsidized by the government, so it's cheaper to use that instead of regular sugar.

  2. I've been hearing alot of that does that mean they are looking out for us.*wink wink*