Monday, October 11, 2010

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Global Work Party Part 1

If I want to know how to go green. I gotta go to events that caters to what I'm looking for. Events like this was taking place all over the world. A call to action to make the planet we live in a better place. Part of my journey is to learn as much as I can. Although, I must say there was a wealth of info at the event. Wow!!! Information overload. Just when I thought I was doing things right. I'm not giving up yet taking it one day at a time. Anyhoo, it was interesting. Alot of passionate people who really care how the planet is being impacted by unneccessary waste.

                                           Solar powered kayak. Curious to try this out.

                                                   Fridge magnets @ 50 cents a piece.

             Collected green stickers so I can register to win the grand prize to go to the Amazon Jungle!!!

                                           Calamari Salad from whole foods. Very YUMMY!!!

                     Me and Melissa she's part of the Really Really Free Market that I blogged about.

Jewelry made out of glass bottles.


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