Thursday, October 21, 2010

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DIY Headband

The photo above was one of my favorite headband. After awhile I hated it. My hair kept getting stuck in the claws where the jewels were kept. And the back part of my ears were in pain after I took it off. Instead of throwing it away. I got creative keeping with the reduce, reuse, recycle theme. Think, Think, Think. I removed the base of it. Found some ribbons, grab my glue gun, and went to work. The results a cute new headband.

It was too plain so I added some feathers. I was going to do the entire band with feathers but me and the glue gun weren't getting along. Kept burning myself but I'll wear it like that. I can't stand that gun.

Here's another QT I made. This use to be a wasit belt that went with a matching shirt. There really was no use for it as a belt. IMO.


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