Wednesday, December 11, 2019


So I Ran A Full Marathon

FUN FACT: Did you know that only 1% of the population will run a marathon? I’m a 1 percenter 😅. I did it! I ran a marathon. I ran my first race a 5K in 2012. Then I increased the miles by running 10K then running a half marathon before turning 40. I think I speak for most runners when I say running a marathon is on their bucket list. Most people wouldn’t dare run 26.2 miles so why would I do it? Well, there’s a saying do one thing that scares you. I did it and it was one of the most humbling and challenging experiences. 

Pre-race day. Trying to be cute 

So race day is here and the weather was amazingly beautiful. Everyone was in good spirits. The course had us running along the waterway with no hills and bridges to run on. I was so thankful for that. I was doing good until somewhere along the way, my legs wouldn’t move. The hell?!?! I started hallucinating. I’m already blind as it is and EVERYTHING was blurry. It was in that moment that I’ve accepted and made peace with the fact that I’ll never be an elite runner. I was like who are you? Why are you doing this? What are you trying to prove? I was also thinking of ways to cut the run short and still get my medal. 

These miles ain’t no joke

But I ain’t no punk. I didn’t pay the fees and train for months for nothing. I put one foot in front of the other. But I was still annoyed with how each mile kept getting longer and longer. The disrespect. I was going through it. So I finally saw mile marker 26 and then I knew who I was. I’m the one who’s going to cross that finish line because when I say I’m gon’ do, I like to follow through. I crossed it and it was the happiest and shooketh moment of my life. I have no regrets but I’m never running a marathon again. I’ll just stick to why I’m use to. Am I dramatic or what? 🤣

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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Pretty Girls Sweat Fest 2019

What an amazing event! This was my first time going to Pretty Girls Sweat. The purpose of PGS is to create a sweat sisterhood and transformational wellness event for women looking to make fitness fun, erase the negative stigma that sweat has, celebrating the diversity in health, and erasing childhood obesity. Sounds awesome right? It all went down in Atlanta, Rise Up!

The day started out with stretching then yoga then on to the different workouts. My favorite workout was one I didn’t even know I needed in my life. Cycling!!! It was one of thee best workouts I’ve had in a long time. I was sweating alright. Whew!!! I’m going to look into taking some classes without disrespecting my finances.

There were sweatlebrities (Brittne Babe, Get Bodied By J , Toya Wright, and more), panel discussions, awards, and vendors on deck during the event. I’m a huge fan of fitness events. PGS didn’t disappoint. My legs are sore as I’m typing this. That cycling was no joke. And I loved it. Why am I like this? 😅 If you’re looking for fitness events, PGS is one I would definitely recommend.

As I’ve gotten older my overall wellness has become a major priority. So much so that I created a page on Instagram Black 40 Plus Fitness. It’s a page dedicated to the melanin 40 plus fitness community. I started it after I turned 40 and I got my first gym membership. I was looking for motivation to keep going and when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create the page. The feedback has been amazing. Check us out. Health is wealth!

Monday, August 27, 2018

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Indie Beauty Expo-NYC

Most of you know that I'm on the journey for more cleaner and greener beauty products. I heard about this expo for a while now and finally had the chance to go. This leg of the expo was in the concrete jungle. The Indie Beauty Expo's mission is to provide a platform for independent brands to showcase their products to individuals like me. Also, to have their products stocked at the retailers we love. Once I saw they were coming to NYC I started planning to be a part of it.

There were a ton of beauty brands. Some I've never even heard of and of course the ones I was ecstatic to see. I'll have a review on some of those brands soon. I mostly bought lip products (clove+hallow and social paint) and a hair oil from Kreyol Essence. Last but not least were the samples, samples, samples. 

 Overall, I did enjoy going to the expo. The only downside was the fact that a few of the brands didn't carry my shade range. Not really surprised about that. Although there was a lot of green beauty brands in attendance, a few of them weren't green beauty. There was a brand that I almost purchased from (the packaging was too cute) but when I saw a few of the ingredients, I asked if they were green beauty she said no they weren't. Dang! I wanted to try it. But I made a promise to myself to support brands that caters to my green beauty lifestyle. I'm not 100% there but the journey continues.....

Thursday, July 26, 2018


"Clueless" At Curl Fest 2018

I went to Curl Fest for the first time and *checks off bucket list*. Curl Fest is ultimate natural beauty festival. A meet up for the natural hair community to celebrate our natural hair, beauty, and culture. Started in 2013 by the Curly Girl Collective, their mission is to create innovative experiences that harness the energy of the natural hair movement and showcase the best brands for modern woman of color. Now in it's 5th year, I saved the date and made sure not to miss this natural hair mecca. July 21. Brooklyn, NY. Prospect Park was THEEE place to be. 

The weather was nice and it took me by surprise. I thought it would be scorching hot that day but it wasn't. There were vendors giving out samples as well as selling their products. I didn't really buy any hair products. I purchased some hair oils that I was curious to try and a really nice african print head scarf. I left with a few samples though. 

Overall, my first Curl Fest experience was lukewarm. I'm in no way bashing this event. I think it's a great concept. However, the execution was poor. Even with that I have no regrets about going. It's just that I (Maggi. Me, myself, and I) didn't get the "experience" that I heard so much about. The organizers were very adamant about tickets being required in order to enjoy Curl Fest "activities". The bulk of the "activities" was standing in long lines to get samples/buy products. That's not an activity that I enjoyed. 
I kept it simple with my hair doing this similar style 

I registered for the free general admission tickets and let me tell you that I didn't need to do that. Why? The location of the event was in a public park and ANYONE can literally walk right in. There was no one there to scan my ticket or asked if I had one. The only way they won't let you in is if you're being disorderly. 

Another thing if you're interested in getting a gift bag, based on what I've seen/heard they weren't worth it. You'll be standing in long never ending lines when you can just walk in and enjoy the festival. I left around 4pm and people were still in line for the gift bags. Most were not happy with what they got. Those that had VIP tickets didn't get the perks that came along with it. Those who paid less for their gift bags ended up getting better swag than those who paid more. That situation made me glad I didn't purchase any tickets.

I would probably go back to this festival but I'm in no rush to do so. There was close to 30,000 people at Curl Fest. All that melanin. It was a beautiful thing to see. So, if you plan on going there's no need to finesse, scam, or try to sneak in when organizers say they're "sold out". Also, beware of folks selling tickets to a free event. 

"Clueless" Tips For Surviving Curl Fest

Register- But not really. Follow the rules. Don't go snitching on me. 

Get There Early- Simply put, you want to beat the crowds, take selfies, and get freebies before vendors run out. Even though I was there early, there was still a wait.  

Dress Comfortably- I wore a maxi dress and I was expecting it to be scorching hot but the weather was really nice. It was suppose to rain the day of the festival and it did but it was afterwards.

Bring Snacks- I made sure to eat before I got there. There were food trucks and my greedy self made my way over to one of them. It was the jerk chicken, coconut rice, and plantains that got me. I think I enjoyed that more than the festival. Delicious! 😋

Cash Only- Most of the vendors were cash only. That wasn't a big deal for me because I didn't buy much hair products. Just an FYI if you want to buy products... bring $$$ instead. 

Friday, May 4, 2018


#CluelessLiving Chat Recap (Mental Health and Wellness)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I was so happy to do this chat with some amazing beings sharing their knowledge without the stigma attached to it. Mental health is something I struggle with and I am not ashamed to admit it. Below are my guests who joined in to share their experience with mental health and wellness. 

@LontierBanks- Lontier is a health and wellness advocate.

@DontDieAfraid- Ashley is a mental health advocate, speaker, and content creator. 

@SelfCareandFood- Laterria is a self-care activist and food blogger promoting reproductive health to black women.

My goal with the series of chat is to inspire those looking to make positive lifestyle choices. Whether it's with finance, fitness, healthy eating, minimalism, and more. I'm still learning as I go along and these are what helped me achieve some success. Stay "Clueless" with me via Twitter for more info on the next one. Chat later!

Friday, April 6, 2018


#CluelessLiving Chat Recap (Nature Lovers)

Are you a nature lover? I enjoy being outside and let nature do it's thing. I had a chat with those who are nature lovers as well. I know I couldn't do this by myself. Below are the nature lovers from all walks of life that share their experience with nature.

Naturally Gina- Gina is a health conscious vegan transitioning to a raw diet.

Creative Tiana- Tiana is a poet of body and mind.

Nailah Blades- Nailah is a lover of colorful and vibrant living and is also the founder of Color Outside.

My goal with the series of chat is to inspire those looking to make positive lifestyle choices. Whether it's with finance, fitness, healthy eating, minimalism, and more. I'm still learning as I go along and these are what helped me achieve some success. Stay "Clueless" with me via Twitter for more info on the next one. Chat later!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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The Fear Of Growing Old(er)

I'm getting old(er) y'all. Well, at least I'm still young at heart. We live in a society that is obsessed with staying young forever. There was a time in my life that I feared growing old. I associated the word OLD with DEATH. When I was a lower case g and saw an old person it scared me. The gray hair, wrinkled skin, and certain equipment used to help them move around had me thinking... I don't EVER want that to be me. I'm sure we all went through something like that at some point in our lives. Now that I'm an upper case G, I'm a little more wiser about growing older.

Me: When someone thinks I'm in my 20's. Thank you! But I'm a proud member of Generation X. 

There is a stigma, myth, stereotype, and whatever else society comes up with regarding getting older. At first, I fell for the bullshit but not any more. I've read tons of articles on how to fight the aging process. I'm not going to lie, I thought these articles were doing me a favor in the beginning. However, as I read more of these types of articles I started to question...What's so wrong about something that EVERY single person is going to go through? We were all young once and now it's time to grow old. It's a part of this thing called LIFE.

Ok so maybe my boobs are not as perky as it once was and everytime I think I got rid of the grays hairs, here comes 50-11 more. Am I not suppose to embrace this? Am I suppose to always think negatively towards getting older? I rather embrace this stage of my life than exhaust myself. I'm finally looking forward to aging gracefully.

I've been told numerous times that I don't look my age. There is a saying in the black community... Black Don't Crack! that is used as a compliment for black women (and men) who don't look their age. For a long time I used to say and believe that too. But I'm going to keep it 100 so don't come for me. I have seen with my own eyes how black IS cracking. We may look younger on the outside but we are quickly aging and dying on the inside. A lot of us use Black Don't Crack! as an excuse. 

There needs to be a serious discussion about that comment. I no longer care to use Black Don't Crack! in my vocabulary anymore. The fountain of youth doesn't exist. Old age is going to happen so it's best to embrace it. It just might be better than you expected. Don't believe the hype that it's the end of the road as you get older.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018

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#CluelessFitness Chat Recap (Runners)

Another fitness related chat took place March 7 via Twitter. This time it was all about runners/running. I know I couldn't do this chat by myself. Below are the runners that took time to share their experience with running. 

@FromFatToFinny- Kynita uses running as a form of therapy and in the process it has helped her lose weight. 

@Soul2Soles- Damond is a solution creator who says running is my me time. 

@JRavJr- James is the founder of Black Runners Connection. A community connecting men and women in the black running community.

My goal with the series of chat is to inspire those looking to make positive lifestyle choices. Whether it's with finance, fitness, healthy eating, minimalism, and more. I'm still learning as I go along and these are what helped me achieve some success. Stay "Clueless" with me via Twitter for more info on the next one. Chat later!

Check out the previous chats #CluelessGardens and #CluelessFitness (Personal Trainers).

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


40 Plus Fitness

What is 40 Plus Fitness? Ummm... fitness over 40. Duh!!! Staying active in your 40's and beyond can be a challenge for most of us. Some of the workouts we once loved and able to master when we were younger is now a pain in the ass. I know some of you want to give up and I'm here to say...

First thing you have to accept is... yes you're getting older but don't let that put you in a place of giving up. I know the body starts being more disrespectful as we get older with expanding waistlines, aching joints, back pain and more. Sorry, I don't have the magic formula but that don't mean there are no other options. I've never had a gym membership but you can get one to stay on track. If you really want some accountability you can hire a personal trainer.  

Another thing is we all know the saying, you are what you eat. You cannot out train poor nutrition. Again the body gets more disrespectful as we get older. I don't care how hard you train, how much your gym membership cost, or if you have one of the best personal trainers in the world. If you don't have healthy eating habits, you WILL NOT get the results you're looking for. How do I know? Because I tried and always lose.

I know I talk about healthy eating a lot here on the blog. But I think it's a crime not to indulge and what works for me is doing it in moderation. I know not to indulge every single day. If I do, I can kiss those results bye-bye. So it's best to up your fruits, veggies, and also drink more water. If you're tired of drinking water, here's how you can eat it instead. You can also go meatless (don't look at me like that) once a week. I went plant based for a month last year and some of the recipes were delicious. I think I'll do it again. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Check out some of my meatless dishes

Last year I posted some of my tips to stay fit and active and I'll be honest, I have what I call a "lazy" workout routine. But I'm doing better than most because I'm moving my body. My routine is whatever I want it to be that day. Below are some of my "lazy" workouts that I do to help me stay fit. 

Jumping Jacks- Great warm up exercise that I need to get back doing. Easy to do with no equipment needed. 

Yoga- My absolute favorite. Check out some of my favorite poses.

Squats- Before I hated doing them. Now I love doing them. There are many variations of squats. Find what works for you. 

Run- I'll be the first to admit. I hated running with a passion. I know it's weird because I've ran several races and ran my first half marathon this year. But I love the natural high running gives me afterwards.

Weights- A routine I need to do more of. Lifting will help give you strong bones. No argument here. That's why I'll be lifting bag of chips, biscuits, and cookies.

A lot of these routine can be done for 10-15 minutes. Once you get better at them you can increase the amount of time. Start small and go from there.

There's a myth that as you get older, it goes downhill from there. That's false and with all the marketing ploys about aging, most people believe that it does. You can't stop the aging process were all going to get older. It's best to embrace it the process. I plan on embracing aging gracefully. Getting older is not the end of the road. And for those of you wondering, yes... yes I am. #40PlusFit.